Our mission statement is to "Learn Jesus. Live Jesus. Teach Jesus."

We are a community of believers loving Jesus and following Jesus. If you are looking for a place to feel like part of the family, you will find it with us.   


As a body of Christ, we worship God with faithful hearts, share peace and love each other, be and make faithful disciples, serve our neighbors, and share our stories with others for God's kingdom here and now. 


As John Wesley, the founder of Methodism says "The world is my parish," we don't limit to serve only church members, but expand our ministry to our community and the world. 

Repaupo Church History

The community of Repaupo was settled at first in 1643 by the Lock family. Its name was taken from a derivative of the Indian word "Repapack" which means "still water." In 1830 the name was changed to Asbury, in honor of the great Methodist minister but it was later changed back because of confusion with towns. 

The Methodist Society in Repaupo had its origin in the year 1833 by a class composed of members of the Old Stone Meeting House, Oak Grove. The current church was erected in 1849 during the pastorate of Rev. A. K. Street. 

We welcome you to take part in this historic worship service, noting that the Repaupo United Methodist Church is a place of heritage, faith, and service. 

Meet Our Staff



Carolyn “Kellie” Heisler

Kellie was raised with a very strong Christian foundation and lives a God-fearing
life. She was baptized at fourteen. Then came into a personal relationship with
Christ at twenty-one. She has always been very active in the church through
helping in church ministries, teaching, youth ministry, community outreach and
preaching when given the opportunity. She has just answered her calling as a Local
Pastor, and is in the candidacy process. She brings an unshaken faith and
unconditional love to her new appointment. Kellie’s heart’s joy is her family. She
is a loving wife, mother of three adult children and Nana to two beautiful